Adam Dustan was born just outside Chicago and lived there for twenty years before moving out to the deserts of Arizona. He currently shares a house in Tempe with his lovely girlfriend, Lauren, and two neurotic cats named Dexter and Lucy. He previously has been rumored to have raised and trained an army of attack ferrets, à la the Beastmaster.

Adam began his career in the trenches, working with design agencies and in-house creative services departments, plying his craft to projects involving print, digital & environmental design, branding, marketing campaigns, advertising, tv spots, photoshoots, and probably some other media that cannot be recalled at this moment.

After working for about a decade, Adam always tended to want to go deeper on the “whys” and “what ifs” of the end user, something that didn’t always fit into the schedule on these bespoke turn ‘n burn agency projects. This is when he shifted his career focus over to user experience and product design. This proved to be a great fit for Adam’s brand of design thinking. Coupled with his visual design skills, Adam is a highly effective UX designer, able to guide a project through its lifecycle; from concept and iterating to stakeholder/client presentations to  prototyping and user research through revisioning, and finally to wrapping it up with some super sweet visual design.