Bod•ē Trainer browser app

I came on board with Vemma Nutrition just as they were about to launch their newest fitness program and product line, Bod•ē, with celebrity spokesman Chris Powell. In addition my work on the marketing website, which included UX & UI design and copywriting, I worked on the development of the exercise and nutrition program itself, and the browser-based app and native iOS app.

The mock-ups shown here are actually version 2.0. Because of looming deadlines, we had to initially release a very simplified version of the app, which proved to be a good thing since we were unable to do any pre-release user testing. We received a lot of feedback from the close-knit community of users, on both the exercise and nutrition program itself and the functionality of the apps. We then went back and modified our original plans and changed and added many features based directly on user feedback.


  • UX
  • VX
  • copywriting


  • in-house