Boy Scouts of America – Annual Fundraiser Invitation

The local Grand Canyon Council for the Boy Scouts of America needed an invitation for their annual sporting clays invitational shoot & auction.

For the more high-end, corporate invitees, we wanted to make a bigger bang than by just sending a paper invite.

I found an awesome wooden rubberband rifle online for a really good price when bought in bulk, which served as the anchor for the entire campaign. We went with a Western theme, as the shooting range was in the middle of the desert. This concept was carried through all of the ephemera, including announcement poster (the flipside was printed with targets for practice), auction item preview booklet, RSVP card, and packet of ammo (rubberbands, of course).

We used empty space on the print sheets to print out little sporting clay–shaped mini-invites to pass out or leave at businesses to try and get the public interested.

To stuff the box for shipping, we used shredded overprint from the print run. (buying those guns really caused me to get creative with the rest of the budget!)

I even had a rubber stamp made to hand stamp the logo on the handles of the guns.


  • design
  • art direction
  • copywriting
  • rubber stamping


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