PayPal Credit “Make a Payment” Flow – Native app

When PayPal was redesigning its entire app from the ground up, we found out PayPal Credit was not on the roadmap. We made a case to leadership for its inclusion, which they agreed to. In addition to working on various randow design elemtns throughout the new app, my focus was primarily on the Credit components.

We worked with the core team to make sure the home screen made sense when adding another PayPal product, and then designed the Make a Payment flow. Dev resources caused this to not make it into the first couple releases, but it should be released soon.

I changed the Payment flow to start on the screen where the user would choose their amount, then go to the “main” payment screen, which has the two other interactions (funding instrument & date), instead of starting ont he “main” screen and making the user tap into the amount field to choose it. And since funding instrument will be remembered from your last payment and date is always prepopulated for today (≥70% of payments are made “today”), there is essentially only one field the user has to interact with — the amount.

When we put this in the lab, there were absolutely no issues for users when making a payment via this flow.


  • UX
  • UI
  • User Research (lab-based)


  • in-house