PayPal Credit “Make a Payment” Flow Redesign – web

When I came on board with PayPal Credit, I inherited some lo-fi wireframes that had been through one round of testing. My first task was to apply visual design and get the experience inline with the existing PayPal patterns. After spending the first year or so making minor improvements based on user feedback, or working through many edge and use cases that the initial wires missed, one big area of user frustration was the main flow, making a payment to your credit account.

The primary issues were that users had trouble with the horizontal payment amount tiles and the tab-based structure for payment types, and the visual design did not scale cleanly between mobile and desktop.

After extensive wireframe and prototype iterations, we were able to get this in front of users in the user research labs in the US and UK. The results were almost night and day! Users flew through the “make a payment” experience almost as if it was second nature.

Two areas I am personally proud of in this project are the custom date picker I designed, and the “payments scheduled” alert system. You can play with both of these in the Axure prototype I built out.


  • UX
  • UI
  • Prototyping
  • User Research testing
  • QA (functional & design)


  • in-house