Quail Distributing website

Quail Distributing is a local Arizona craft liquor distributor. They specialize in wine, craft beer, sake & artisanal spirits.

Craft beverages aren’t just their job, it’s their passion, especially within the local scene. So their goal with this site and their new company direction was to create a relationship with the bars and restaurants they supply, and with the distillers, brewers and vineyards they distribute.

This site was designed to be viewed primarily on an iPad (which is what most of their customers tend to use in the field) and aggregate social media posts by and of their customers and themselves. This would help create a network of the local suppliers and distributors and help connect the local scene.

Below the screenshots, there is a quick prototype I created to show how the site moves while scrolling.


  • UX
  • VX
  • prototyping
  • copywriting


  • AWE Collective